Dear Biologicalmiracle Team

Hi its Robert Bonaccolta just updating everyone on my own health.
After 2 1/2 years+ now, since I took 8 satchets of Shacro ,  I'm very healthy,  not even ever had a cold, cough nor fever. I feel great and I wish people even knew how important my own use was as I became,  under no other powers but my own, my own lab monkey testing myself.
If you only knew how I felt worried about what this stuff even was.
I'm fine, I'm alive, I'm very healthy. grandmother with Alzheimer's is still alive, not well, but she won't die. She even broke her hip and at 85 years old, she healed and walked again in 3 weeks.  The doctor said she's on her last year of the sickness and should have been gone a year ago.
My dad is amazingly still OK with diabetes,  heart issues, cancer is 100% gone and he from last year was a walking time bomb. He will live.
I thank shacro for helping me and I believe. 
Not everyone has the guts to take an unknown substance from a website and test it like I have.
I've had the hardest time ever trying to help others.  They all believe in modern medicine.   No guts to believe!!!    I believe!!!! I'm a doer!!!
I gave up on everyone out there. It is a terrible feeling too.
To all the believers, and dreamers... get shacro and get healthy!!

Thank you
Robert Bonaccolta

I received my 1st order 1 day ago I took a satchet at 6:00 AM and let me tell you I feels like a new woman. My daughter gets sick today with Strep Throat I took her a satchet over and 5 minutes after taking it she said I feel it working. So I'm ordering another set as I planned to take 1 every 7 days or can I take it sooner. The only problem I notice is I am still bloated But I'm giving it time to get fully in my system.
Thanks for this wonderful product

Sharon Houston TN



Dear Shacro,

It is amazing how 1 year since I challenged myself to take in an unknowned and unrecognized substance in my body.
Since I must say, I myself did not even catch a cold or cough which is unusual! I hardly get sick as it is but a cold,
cough and allergies are NEVER avoidable and yet I did catch only 1 day of allergies as ichy watery eyes only. Im very healthy and so are the people I have helped out.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to have such access to this supplement.

Equitable Home Investments LLC.
Robert Bonaccolta


thank you for your support. I feel I need to tell you something very important and very strange that happened to me MAY 26th at 3pm.
I was working on my house and used a very sharp pocket knife to pry open a locked door that I needed to fix. well the knife broke and cut my finger to the bone!!!
yes to the bone and WOW I felt it all. My finger hurt for 1 hour only. never swelled, was pulsating for only 1 hour.
i put a bandaid on it and a splint to keep the joint from bending. I knew I needed stitches but at 7pm that same night I opened it up and the cut was closed so I didnt have to go get stitches ,
which I was not ever getting anyway. This morning, May 27th 8am, I took off the bandaid and my cut looked good and sealed. I took a shower without having to cover the finger.
I still, all day, kept the splint only on so that I would not have to re-open the wound in case I bend my finger. At 8pm, 27th May, I took off the splint and to my suprise IM totally sealed and not swollan and no pain. I am healed!!!!!
I called my friend , who was there when this knife cut me to the bone, told him and he thinks im a liar!! He doesnt believe me. Well HELL I DONT BELIEVE ME EITHER!!!
Im in total shock myself. Shacro x ?????? WHAT????
yes..............shacro x everyone must take 7 in 1 week and LIVE HEALTHY , HEAL FAST(lightning fast) , DISEASE FREE and stress free.

thank you for changing my life and my family and friends.


A. Sha
My dad today tells me his 15 year old back pain is missing since yesterday and cant be found!! HURRAY!
and his blood sugar level has been 101 for now 3 days which is IMPOSSIBLE!
Im letting people know about your site and telling them to buy direct because I want to focus on children, teens and young adults dying of cancer or leukemia. I dont have enough for everyone and im more than appreciative to your kindness. Im blowing this up big!  everyone will know that theres is hope out there. My make a wish foundation is more real now than the imposters collecting all that money and keeping it for themselves. Im not interested in getting rich. I am asking the people after they get better to tell everyone about
robert bonaccolta 

From: Robert Bonaccolta/update
March 29th 2010
my update for you and anyone reading this is :
for me, im great but ive been told that i act like im on speed. I also dont need much sleep. I sleep at 5am and wake at 9am . I only took 2 satchets for myself. Im still no longer allergic to dogs/cats. My breathing is still unreal. My sight ....the only way to describe it is this; take a cable TV and an high defintion TV and look at the difference in clarity...that is the difference. My sight has always been 20/20 vision.its been 2 weeks since taken.
MY dad is very quiet about it but I can say this; I woke up in the morning one day, 2 days after he had taken shacro x, and he asked me why I hadn't asked how he's been feeling. So I answered him Why? How are you feeling? He said look at my father has type 2 diebetes and a stroke which left him useless on the left side of his body. Well his arm has for the past YEARS had blood clots everywhere ! Now ALL BUT 1 are GONE and he asked me for more Shacr x.  All I can say is WOW!
Next person, my 2 friends which smoke 2 packs a day...............They want more for them and their kids. They have been since the next day coughing up stuff out of their lungs and breath 100% better. The taste of a ciggarette bothers them now and they have so much more energy still today and took it 1week & 2 days ago.
Next is my friends dad which has 3 weeks to live but started kemo again to get an extra 3 months from life.
He has taken a blood test 2 days after taking Shacro x on march 23rd. Results for that day, other than the cancer test that is expected back in 2 weeks , are that his blood shows and increase and not a decrease in good cell count. Im not sure the terminology for what of but the doctor said this was a bad test. He should be dying and decreasing counts slowly cause of kemo but he is moving up /getting better. Dr wants another test on the 1st.
please advise for me on my friend who has mild cirosis of the liver and for 15 years has high levels of enzymes in the liver.  how many should i give him.
I recieved the first 2 evelopes containing 7 satchets.
my girlfriend has Rheumatoid Arthritis and im not sure how many and how frequent she needs to take them.
My Aunt has a friend 34 years old.......dying of leukemia. she needs a liver transplant for 3 years now/ no donor yet. how many do i give her and how often does she take it?
My friend with the mild cirosis has a friend with bad very bad diabetes and has sores on his leg.
how many do i give him? 
please advise on all because im limited with what you have mailed to me. Im helping everyone I can. But only want to help the needy who are $ poor.
your friend, rb


March 20, 2010 11:29 PM #347-603-6100

Hi, it’s Robert Bonaccolta I don’t know what to say, I’m sorry or you should have poisoned me for putting up a bad blog on the internet on your UNBELIEVABLE business!  I’m so SORRY, I did do that and the reason why is because I tried to email you and could not get the email through. So I did the wrong thing and because of that I don’t just owe YOU and THE PEOPLE an APOLOGY!!!!!!!!

I’m so SORRY everyone, I had no affect on the product the first time I received it because it was sent to me with very little product. I believe that if I gave it more of a chance it would have worked. 
Thank you Shacro for sending me new product when you didn’t have to. I’m very appreciative and also would like more/.....7 more please.
I need your help ....I sent my friends dad who has been losing his battle with pancreatic cancer for 1 year 4 months/.
I sent him 8 sachets but I’m not sure in his bad stage where the cancer spread to his lugs already how he should take it.
Does he take 1 a day, 2 a week, 1 a week????
Now this is what I did and tell me if I did it wrong but still had and still have been every day feeling effects of GREAT THINGS!
I boiled 1/3 cup of water and while still super hot I added it to the lint in a cup. I stirred it for a minute, waited 15 minutes, and then drank it after draining out the lint. I was fasting for 6 hours but I did eat food 5 minutes after taking it. Your directions didn’t say any other advice so I followed as said.
My dad just took it now, my mom, and 2 days ago my grandma and my dad’s friend. My dad’s friend wants 7 more!! has been smoking for 35 years and HOURS after he took the medicine he notice he can breathe much better and he says he can’t recall last when he was able to actually breath through his nose.
He wants to give 1 to each of his young kids so that they stay healthy because he pays cash for heath care and has no insurance.
please help me, oh and HOW do I take the bad blog out of the internet that I placed, I HAVE SLANDERED YOUR COMPANY FALSLY AND MUST AT ANY EXPENCE REMOVE THIS BAD THING I HAVE DONE.  Please help me and accept my apology.
Also please reorder with my credit card on file 7 more and also charge me for product you have previously sent minus the 7 that were defective.
I must pay for the 16 that you sent me free.
There is nothing free in this world. I never intended to take away your expenses and harm you in any way. 
Thank you very much FOR EVERYTHING,
Robert Bonaccolta

Dear Shacro Team. It has taken forever but I finally got the results from my blood test.My WBC = 7.8
Platelets =221
Viral load is 3,000,000.00.
The doctor was shocked at how well my liver is doing. Every thing is normal.They gave me an ultrasound and my cirrhosis is completely gone. I was speaking with a holistic doctor yesterday and she is recomending activated charcoal three times a day to clear my body of poisons. I explained about taking Shacro and she feels that taking activated charcoal along with the shacro will give the best chance of clearing the virus from my body because it pulls poisons out of the blood as well as the liver.The viral load is dropping. It's happening very slowly but it is dropping. My only concern is that I don't know how the charcoal will effect the shacro. Will this harm the anitmicrobial peptides?

Glen Howard

Dear shacro team.Thank you very much for the help you've given me.My pneumonia is completely gone.The swollen lymph nodes in my neck, armpits, and groin feel like they're back to their normal size gain.I don't have any soreness left in any of them.Taking your product along with using the castor oil packs has really helped me.The thrush I have in my mouth and throat is clearing up since taking the shacro.My taste buds are still somewhat numb but nowhere near as bad as the were.They seem to be getting better and this morning I was able to stand in the kitchen and cook myself some breakfast.From the bottom of my heart,Thank you very much.


This is wonderful news.It won't be long till my hep c is history. I've been reading that olive leaf is a good anti-viral so I started taking it to help the shacro.I had my Platelet count tested and my doctor says I'm in the 200,000 range and it's in normal range. I'm not sure how long I'll have to wait before my doctor will order another blood test to check my viral load but I'll keep you posted.It's sad to know that the medical world would rather let people die from treatments instead of offering real cures.I've been visiting my mother, she's in a nursing home trying to recover from a broken hip.She's been getting a lot of bed sores.I was treating them with honey and healing them.This morning I was asked to leave the nursing home when they realized it was me healing her wounds and not the cream they wanted me to put on her.I'll be bringing her home tomorrow morning before they kill her.It really is sad that the value of life is judged by the size of your wallet.Another thing they haven't realized is the reason her hip healed so quickly is because of the three sachets  I made for her in January when she fell at home and broke her hip.After her hip replacment surgery her doctors told me she would probably never walk again because of her age and the condition of her bones.She's 85 years old and she has suffered with osteomyelitis since she was in her 20's.Anyway,Two weeks after surgery her hip was completely healed.Before the surgery her doctors said that she would have to be on anitbiotics for the rest of her life because of the infection she'll suffer from the osteomyelitis.Here's the real miracle,The peptides stopped the osteomyelitis infection.She's able to stand and walk a few feet but the real problem is will power.I'm starting to understand why crocodiles only get infections after they reach a certain age and there immune system and peptides don't work quite as well.My point is that if the antimicrobial peptides are able to heal someone my mothers age with a natural weak immune system,It's able to work miracles for all of us that are much younger.When I first contacted you in November my liver doctor added my name to the liver transplant list.My whole body was swolen and I wasn't able to get out of bed.I was dying.After taking the shacro the swelling started going away and I was able to walk to the bathroom for the first time in six months.Today is Monday,9th of March and I'm not only able to reach the bathroom,I can walk to the store and shop and walk home without any problems.I don't think it will be much longer until the virus will be gone.My viral load is the only problem and when the shacro kills it I honestly believe it will be gone forever.I tell everyone about Shacro and Manna sachets and I have several friends who are taking Manna Sachets and getting great results.Sharo team you really are the best.I honestly believe with all my heart that there's a special place in heaven for each and every one of you. 
Glen Howard.


Comments : I just want to say that i just wrote about a full page of how

your product has healed me...i must admit i took almost double the dose u

recommend with no bad side effects.....I had hiv which progressed to give me

a lymphoma condition, and had really severe head aches, and blocked blood

arteries near the back of my head, and i cant beleive what your product,

with also taking calcium-vitamin C, B complex, pycnogenol, grapeseed

extract, coq10, and a good 100% organic meal supplement. I always took all

these things i mentioned(thers actually a few more i didn\'t mention)...but

when i started taking the gator juice, my hiv count first starting going

down dramaticaly...and then finally...MY HIV IS NOT DETECTABLE, and ive had

3 or 4 tests just to make sure its not dormant or something...there is no

trace of the heads aches, i didn\'t mention up there...turned

out to be a tumor, which was under/near a large blood artery, and they said

if they operated i would probly die, or be a vege.....i now am stronger than

ever....and while people cough in my face with the flu virus, and just sick

all around me...I NEVER EVER GET SICK....i am completely a beleiver in your

product because i know and understand what it is...along with raw

unprossesed bee pollen...i think ur product is absolutely

magical...seriously....i have wrote a long letter in a nother forum about

what your product along with just the whole mentality of only eating and

consuming organic things...things that come from nature...things that have

been around for millions of years before human were ever here.....


i love all u guys, and i pray and praise for all you people at the company

every time i light candles for the Sabbath...i praise what uv discovered and

the approach uv takin to help people...


i dont care what anyone else says because im a meticulous anal person, and i

investigate things alot before i just get fooled by snake oils......Kevin\'s

2 books, and your magic juice, has cured me of un-cureable diseases....i

cant even begin to express my thanks...u have improved my quality of



the other forum i wrote about your product and how it affected me probably

will send you many customers as it is a medical marijuana site, i also smoke

marijuana, and am not ashamed to say is also from nature/god, and

has been on this earth since ancient times...please dont judge me on the

marijuana is not bad at all....if it organic.


i now live a holistic lifestyle, and i say thank you...i no longer have a

tumor, GONE!! COMPLETWLY, I NO LONGER HAVE HIV...i dont even beleive it, i

thought maybe a mistake, or just went hiding, and dormant...but ive been to

different doctors and all the tests come back 0...not even a decimal point

of the virus or anything to do with the virus...ia m completely in shock,

and disbeleif...!


I owe so many many thanks to you guys for my life, who have formulated this product.


David, Marcus


Thank you so much.I promise to keep you posted on my condition.I have a feeling deep inside that I'll be back to work very soon.Hope is all I have these days and I can't for the life of me understand why the medical field isn't using anti microbial peptides to heal people instead of failed drugs that kill you faster than the disease they're supposed to be treating.You are living proof that God is watching and listening.Not a day goes by that I don't pray for a miracle to keep me around to watch my children grow up.How quickly we sometimes forget that miracles sometimes happen when we least expect it. Thank you so much.

G. Campbell

From: Gary Zeller. Mali, Africa.
Friday 31st. October 2008

A person with severe cancer condition in hospital in Mali, Africa. We gave this person SHACRO and today he just checked out of the hospital with no sign of cancer. The Doctors are stunned!

Best Regards Gary Zeller

PS we gave him 3 sachets

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

Many thanks for the Shacro which arrived a week ago.

My wife and I are enjoying continued benefits for which she, too, is grateful..  Personally, I find that I remember things that I thought I had long since forgotten.  Her memory is also improving.

My evaluation reports at the hospital where I had the knee surgery were unusually positive..  The surgeon remarked on my fast recovery and the physiotherapist was rather startled at the level of flexibility I had achieved.

Again, many thanks.

With kind regards, Alan

Hello Sirs,
I just wanna give you the results of my bloodworkfrom last week....Currently my Viral Load is under 50 w/c is a goodnews they said Im undetectable woooohooo. and My T-cell went up from 77 and now I have 89 doctor said still low but my T-cells are getting bettter each time.... I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me and keeping me alive...Currently I am still taking my meds till hopefully oned day Ill be cure for this dreadfull deceased.....
God Bless you all,

Dear SHACRO Team, I have been forgetting to let you know about what the SHACRO Sachets have done for my younger daughter Chris. She had a check up about a year ago, and Doctors found cancerous celula in her womb, as you know I ordered a lot of your product some time ago from your US Associate at . So I took a 7 pack to her house, and she gave one or two to her son and one to her husband, then she drinked four herself. She waited until about one or two month ago of this year for another check up., and doctors found nothing abnormal any more, thank to God and your product.
I thought you will like to know one more good news about your product healing power.
One more of your satisfied customers.

I have to tell you....I took one dose in December 2007. The end. Didn't think much more about it. No changes.
HOWEVER, in April 2008, my vision significantly improved...overnight. I forgot to put my glasses on early one morning.
At noon, my husband asked me what was wrong with my glasses...he pointed out to me that I was not wearing them!! I had not even noticed!!!
With this pair of glasses I had just joined the ranks of trifocal wearers. I've had "maturing vision" since I was 8 years old. I am 56.
I'm enjoying my newly much improved vision very much. Hopefully, it will continue to improve. Only time will tell.
BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!!! In 2001, I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Biopsy revealed no liver damage but my viral load and LFTs were all over the place, fluctuating.
No matter what, the counts were unstable. After this month's doctor visit, my laboratory report was mailed to me. ...Liver functions "NORMAL."
Wow!! After failing to have normal LFTs since 2001, my liver functions have returned to normal.
Thank you for your perserverence in and your dedication to the research necessary for a finding of this magnitude. Many have already been blessed because of you, as have I, and as many will be, who are yet to receive the gift of healing because of you. I thank God for you.
Janice M.

Hello sirs,
I just finish my shacro 4 days ago and I went to my doctor for another blood test and he gave the appointment for may 29  2008 since I had my bloodtest 2 weeks ago. and he said its too early for me to have another blood test.I have to wait till may 29 for my bloodwork and it takes a week for the results...for the past week I been feeling good and My gosh I have so much energy. I dont  know  what happen to me before Im tired all the time. now I have this energy and I am so happy. I will keep you inform how I feel and the results this may 29.Again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for looking up to me... May God bless you all.
Love always,


I took the antidote 2.5 years ago with my then 2 year old son. We both had strep throat, the doctor gave me a prescription for antibiotics which I never had filled. Instead we both took the antidote that I had saved for just such an occasion, we both got better in 2 days not 10. I now wish to get the shacro for myself and wife and 2 kids. You see I believe a viral pandemic is inevitable and I wish to ask if we should wait until the right moment to take the shacro or take it when we get it.


Hello my friends,

One of the product orders came this week, probably the second order, the first having been lost in the mail and re-sent. I am very grateful as I took it after a nice fast and it produced a significant whipping of my virus, still undiagnosed. I have tested negative so far for Hep-B, HIV and other things. This infection does have a grip on me, however, and if it should persist after three days my question is: Even though some layers have been peeled away would I benefit from another dose of Shacro soon? Or should the quantity be limited to once every three months? Is more better? Or is there a reason for not taking it often, such as reduced effectiveness?

When I have a diagnosis I wonder if you have other protocols for some diseases?

This product is the most remarkable natural remedy I have seen, for many things. Is the company stable and going to be around for a long time with a reliable supply. You must be supplying a lot of people.

Thank you for your help in these questions and your other communiques.

Sincerely, Ted Robertson



I have been working with SHACRO for over two years. When I first tested SHACRO on a patient, it was in relation to viruses. The patient had four viruses. I found herbal compounds specific to each virus. Then I tested Shacro. Shacro was effective against all four viruses at the same time. Then I prioritised against the herbal combinations to see what was best.
(At that time I had never found anything that came close to being as effective as the herbal combinations)
Shacro was superior to all of the herbal combinations. The next week I tested a lady with cancer. She not only had the human Papilloma virus connected with cancer, but three other viruses and two bacteria. I tested and chose herbal combinations specific for each organism. I had the best and strongest Regimem, I thought, until I tested Shacro with this Patient.
Shacro not only worked for every organism - virus and bacteria - But again prioritised as superior to each herbal combination I had worked out for each organism. (The Herbal combinations I use are far superior to any antivirul and antibiotic I have ever tested)
That was my introduction to Shacro. Since that time I have worked with many patients with many conditions using Shacro. I have learned how to use it as a very strong tool in regaining health and vitality. With cancer, Lyme Disease, MS, Fibromyalgia, and other Chronic illnesses with other names, Shacro, used in a treatment, literally works strongly and quickly to bring the disease process to almost zero in one to two weeks. (there is still more to do in most of the cases)

Click here to read the full article and evidence from Dr D. Phillips

I decided to re submit this previously emailed testimonial because when I went back and re read it I found numerous TYPO errors that I then fixed. I was just SO EXCITED about getting my testimonial to you that I was typing faster than my fingers could type!!!!! LOL
March 16th, 2007

Dear Liquid Manna (MIRACLE in a BOTTLE!) Team, (I really want to address you as ANGELS because to me you people are simply a GODSEND straight from HEAVEN!) On December 28th, 2006, I came down with what I believed to be some form of the flu that steadily progressed into a severe upper-respiratory infection that lasted and did not even begin to improve until mid February. I don't really know exactly WHAT I had because I did not see a Dr. but I was running low and high fevers throughout the cycle of my sick spell. Just when I was beginning to feel better my Husband came down with some form of chest cold or flu and on February 28th I was sick again!  This time it hit even harder than the previous bout and I had more severe body aches. When I coughed it felt like there were razor blades inside my chest and now when I coughed I was producing chest phlegm that was gray-ish green-ish in color and was the consistency of thick paste! (I'm sorry about having to be so graphic!) I could literally hear (AND FEEL) the fluid building in my lungs and the wheezing and rattling within my chest was clearly audible within a few feet of me! Again, no Dr. to confirm any diagnosis but it's my belief that whatever I had contracted had developed either into some form of mild Pneumonia or Bronchitis (both of which I had suffered from in the past).  
To say I was just a little frightened would be a gross understatement, because I didn't need a Dr. to tell me that being sick for almost TWO consecutive months can not possibly be a good thing! lol. Family and relatives were insisting I go to an emergency room or Urgent Care Center so that I could get on some anti-biotics as they'd heard whatever this 'thing' is that's going around you can't kick it unless you take anti-biotics, and I'd also heard that most People were requiring TWO rounds of anti-biotics because they were relapsing within weeks! Feeling pretty hopeless and desperate I re-opened my "Natural Cures Revealed" Book by Kevin Trudeau and decided to look for answers. I mean, I've been TRYING desperately to do all of the 'right' things (I try to eat only all organic foods, I try not to consume anything processed, artificial or man-made.... no white sugar or flour.... absolutely no aspartame, saccharin or any other type of artificial sweeteners... no pork or shellfish.. I take all the right whole food supplements.... digestive enzymes, what have you; so WHY am I so sick?! 
(Page 299 of this SECOND book - Natural "Cures" REVEALED. I laid Kevin's Book down and decided to get on my Computer and look both of these Companies up. I was just a little skeptical when I realized these websites were about  Products produced from SHARKS and Crocodiles... but after skimming through a few of the testimonials I decided "What the heck... what have I got to lose?" I consider $60.00 for a single dose of something to be a little steep, but I knew a trip to the emergency room was going to cost me AT LEAST $300.00 so what did I have to lose? I did notice the Liquid Manna did offer a money-back guarantee, so I was pretty certain I could recover my investment if the product didn't work. Within two days the Liquid Manna arrived, and being so miserable and desperate at that point I immediately opened it took it  according to the directions. I hadn't FASTED for six hours as the product strongly suggests, but it had been an hour or so since I'd eaten breakfast and again I was like "I can't possibly ENDURE another day of this not being able to breathe!" I put a drop in each eye first as instructed, but I did not use it in my ears. I'm pretty certain I swished the balance of the product in my mouth for at least a minute but I doubt I had it in there for a full two minutes (as the product also instructs). I'm a VERY impatient person most of the time! LOL. I remember thinking the Product tastes pretty much like water and I was pretty certain at that point that it was going to do absolute NOTHING for me. (Forget the "PLACEBO effect"... that only happens when Patients BELIEVE the Product they're taking will be of some benefit to them.... trust me... I was REALLY NEGATIVE and did NOT BELIEVE this Product was going to help in any way shape or form.

I couldn't IMAGINE this kind of glowing health I'm experiencing now anyway.... and I don't believe anyone can!) None the less,  I decided to see what would happen over the next couple of days. I might also add that my visiting Sister-in-Law had purchased some 'over the counter' Medications for me such as "MUCINEX" and "ZICAM" and I had also taken those two products earlier that same day. (March 6th, 2007) Before retiring that evening my Sister-in-law stressed that I should allow her to take me to the Emergency Room because she really felt I had Pneumonia and Pneumonia is what killed her  son the previous year on exactly March 4th, 2006. I told her I appreciated her concern but I felt I was going to be O.K. and if I didn't feel any better by morning I promised I would let her take me to the Emergency Room.  
I'm usually in bed by midnight and up by seven o'clock every morning. My Sister-in-Law woke me at nine thirty a.m. the following morning  by opening my bedroom door and stating she was just checking to make sure I wasn't dead because I'm ALWAYS up before them! LOL.  All I can tell you People is that at that moment I realized I could BREATHE.... through my nose also! The razor-blade pain of congestion in  my chest was GONE and I had NO BODY ACHES whatsoever... in a nutshell at that moment I felt completely and totally WELL!!!! I then thought.... I must still be half asleep... here in a little while I'm going to realize I'm still sick and feel some sort of pain or something... but to make a long story short I remained well.... and each day I continue to improve! Later that first day I felt like I had taken AMPHETAMINES  my energy level was so high! Every CELL in my body seemed to be vibrating with energy, health and wellness! Hard to describe this feeling actually other than a state of complete well-being, vibrancy and well-ness! There really aren't words actually.  
Now I ran back to the website and decided to read EVERYTHING!!!!! I now had to KNOW everything there was to know about this Product and that's  when I read other testimonials similar to mine... especially concerning this EUPHORIA & ENERGY thing! My Sister-In-Law was convinced the MUCINEX is what healed me.... but COMMON LOGIC dictates that NO "over-the-counter" medication merely consisting of an expectorant and nasal decongestant can possibly HEAL a severe respiratory infection overnight! No way!!! LOL. I admit the MUCINEX may have been responsible for my ability to breathe through my nose the next morning (I'll give it that possibly)....
but what about the previous body aches? And I didn't take any more of the MUCINEX or ZICAM beyond that one day! Does MUCINEX and ZICAM relieve you of ALL the symptoms of flu, cold, pneumonia or what have you? Are they even DESIGNED to be cures, I ask you? Does MUCINEX knock out a severe upper-respiratory infection in a SINGLE DAY I ask you? It's now March 16th and I still feel fabulous!!!!

I genuinely believe My Health has been restored and I love the ENERGY I'm still experiencing. Talk about an "Attitude of Gratitude!".... I have it!!!! I ordered the 7-pack of Liquid Manna and as soon as my Husband comes off the road he's taking it. I sent a bottle to my almost eighty year old Mother who suffers from chronic viral infections and C.O.P.D... and a vial to a very dear friend of mine who's been battling the same sickness I had since December....  I'll email updates on them at a later date as they supply them to me. I thank you Liquid Manna Gold People! I am eternally grateful. I truly believe your Product saved my Life and is going to continue to maintain my good health. One of the greatest Medical Discoveries of the twentieth century (Penicillin) was derived from BREAD MOLD ... so why can't the greatest CURE for all disease be derived from SHARKS and CROCODILES I ask you? Our healing MUST reside within Nature..... and I have never gave up on believing this. I'm just SO GRATEFUL that I found THIS Product! I simply can not emphasize this enough! I guess I need to thank Kevin Trudeau also huh? Believe me, I'm going to. I'm not the most articulate person in the world... but I hope I've conveyed how MIRACULOUS I believe this Product to be and I PRAY thatall of you who are sick and suffering to please give it a try and don't allow fear, skepticism (or both!), to rob you of this opportunity to be TRULY well!
I give Liquid Manna Gold full permission to reprint this testimonial and to allow People to
contact me regarding this Product.           

PS - About three days ago I accidentally and severely cut my knuckle on my index finger... almost bad enough to require stitches but not quite. There was a big 'flap' of skin just hanging on to a  tiny sliver of flesh... UGH!... it was really gross and bled like crazy! Within THREE days it has knitted shut with no hint of inflammation, swelling or infection. The 'flap' of skin that I believed would have to come off in order for the wound to heal just miraculously stayed attached and the wound has healed to the degree that it looks like it happened two weeks ago instead of just a few days ago. My biggest regret is that I didn't take photos.
My Husband asked me NOT to injure myself just to PROVE this Product works and I promised I wouldn't.... lol.... but should I injure myself again I promise to supply photos with the PROOF that this product fights infections and accelerates the healing of wounds.          
In closing, let me also add, the only FEAR I now have is that the FDA is going to get wind of this Product and shut this Website down and put this Company of miracles out of Business! This simply cannot happen!!!! 
I am not affiliated with this Company (Liquid Manna Gold) in any way shape or form and have not been compensated for my testimonial. I benefit nothing by sharing this information other than the JOY of  knowing that my testimonial may lead others to try the Product as I did and be well.
Eve Newsom
430 Dove Lane
Satellite Beach, FL 32937
phone:  407 569-6392 

Thanks for your prompt reply.  I was finally able to place my order.  And all’s well that ends well.  I look forward to receiving it. I took it the first of October last year and though I work around a lot of people who were falling like flies all around me, I did not have a cold or flu, I even flew to England and back without catching anything—all of this with a compromised immune system.  This is something of a miracle since I was diagnosed with cancer on January 31 2006, and I am now cancer-free.  I have been treated by a homeopath, acupuncture, shiatsu, Body-Talk, chiropractor, Natural Cellular Defense, anti-fungal supplements, and a very strict anti-fungal diet.  I wondered if the crocodile protein peptide is a part of this phenomenal healing?

Thanks for your help

Julie Watson

Orlando, USA

First, let me again thank you for your quick responce. This at least tells me that you are out there and trying to send me the product that I am so eager to receive. I am a firm believer that it is your product that has kept me going as the Dr's have been telling me that I only had 3-6 months to live since January of 2003.

I was diagnosed as having Pancreatic Cancer that had spread into the liver, and to their medical knowledge, this was an automatic death sentence. Now after all this time, they cannot explain as to why this does not show up in my system any more, and since I have not taken any other form of medication or treatment, why I am so eager to continue your product.

David Spencer

California, USA


I have used this product twice now and I am having amazing results.

I have much more energy. I was always worried about going on trips with my children because I couldn't walk very far at all, before my legs would give way!!!!!

I can now take long trips without my legs giving way and I don't worry about it. I would have to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes that doesn't happen anymore!!!! My sinus headaches have also cleared up.

I am totally grateful for this product!!!!!!!

Thank you again for all you have done!!!!

M. Westrich
Arizona, USA


I am HIV+ and my T-cells count was 106. My health is poor at the best of times.

Anyway i saw your add for SHACRO and ordered it. One month after taking SHACRO I went back to my doctor and had my blood drawn to check my T-cell count again. It has gone up to 239 from 106 and my overall health has improved much to my surprise. I owe this to SHACRO and would love to keep taking it. I have told every one i know about this miracle SHACRO.


Bill Vidor
Texas, USA

Dear Friends at SHACRO,

As you know I took my first "LITTLE MIRACLE" on August 15th. 05. Good things began to happen right away for me and have continued to this day Oct. 16th. 05.

The facial cancers have almost gone away and my complexion is clear and smooth. However, I still have a few large bumps that are rubbing off like an erasure does when put to paper. Infections become pussy and with a little encouragement, they burst and I wash them clean with soap and water, then they are gone. A diabetic has to worry about that or so I'm told.

Changes have been taking place from the very first week and I have to report what I consider a medical oddity. My incontinence has slowed and is almost a thing of the past. I haven't been to town without a diaper between my legs for twelve years and the only treatment I haven't tried is surgery. (Acupuncture worked for a while but I had to return for treatment so often, it was hardly worth the effort.) I began to notice my changing condition about two weeks ago. I went to town and came home dry. I stopped wearing a diaper to bed just last week and the bed remains dry.

There are many other things going on with me and as conditions improve I'll keep you informed. Oh! Tell those diabetics out there there is help for them... my blood sugar is leveling out and my feet don't feel like blocks of cold wax.


John Evans
California, USA


I suffered from chronic sinusitis, sinus headaches and my ears were full of fluid. I took an allergy test and was diagnosis with allergies to grass, mold, trees, dust and dust mites. For five years my doctor kept prescribing anti-biotic (Amoxicillin) for the sinus problem and something to drain my ears. This only seemed to treat the symptoms and not the problem. When I coughed sometimes I would have pain in my forehead that was getting worse as time went by. One day as I was driving home from work I had a coughing fit and almost blacked out. When my vision cleared I didn't know where I was. After several minutes I was able to figure out where I was but I can tell you this really left me shaken up. I know I should have gone to the doctor as this is the signs for a stroke but I didn't think he could help me.

I then received an email one day about "SHACRO". I was a little skeptical but the more I read about it. It really made a lot of sense and I thought, what do I have to lose. I ordered a bottle and when it arrived I followed the directions and took it. At first it tasted like water and I thought I had been ripped off. But then there was a tingling sensation in my throat and a few seconds later I felt a slight burning sensation around my eyes that lasted for a few seconds then subsided. About 24 hours later my stuffed up nose, which had been clogged up for about 6 weeks cleared and I was able to breathe through my nose again. I had a deviated septum that was surgically corrected about 20 years ago and there was always a redness and swelling about my nose that never cleared up. The next day I notice what appeared to be a pimple under my nose that I opened up and some puss and fluid drained out of it and it left a hole the size of a small needle. The next day the hole was completely healed. The redness about my nose disappeared and the swelling went away. I am not sure but I think I can see more vibrant colors, like reds and yellows really stand out now. Before they were kind of dull and didn't stand out to much. I noticed that I can see more shades of green then before. My memory has improved dramatically and I think more clearly and concisely now. I feel like I had been walking around in a fog and the veil has been lifted. About ten years ago I had a hemroidectomy and had several masses removed from my anus. The doctor said it would never heal properly and that I would notice blood in my stool once in awhile, but not to get alarmed. I was uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time and always felt run down and tired. Four days after taking "SHACRO" my bottom felt great and I felt wonderful, it has healed me and I now feel comfortable sitting for any period of time. About 6 days later I felt like I had taken amphetamines and was so full of energy I couldn't sit still. This lasted a couple of days then subsided as my body adjusted to not having to fight so many problems.

My sinus' have cleared and my ears have drained. My allergies have went away and I feel great. Many problems in my body, some I was aware of and some I wasn't aware of have been eliminated. It has been two years now since I first took "SHACRO" and my sinus have been clear ever since. I followed the recommendations to re-dose every three months for chronic problems and have never experienced any bad side effects. I drove a taxi cab for awhile, I worked the day shift, taking many sick people to the doctors office and the hospital. In the two years since taking "SHACRO" I haven't caught a cold or been sick except one time when I got what seemed to be the flu. But I went through all the symptoms in less then 24 hours and it never really bothered me like it did before.

I tell everyone I can about "SHACRO" because it has helped me so much and improved my quality of life dramatically. I can see why the pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know about this product. It really works. Like I said before, the doctors were only treating my symptoms and not the problem. "SHACRO" has eliminated the problems. And helped my body to heal properly. Last time I went to the doctor and had a blood test the results were perfect, liver was great, heart was great, kidneys were doing great and my cholesterol was HDL: 35, LDL: 104.

One of my friends that I told about "SHACRO" got some and took it and when he went to his doctor and they did blood work his results came back for the first time in ten years with no problems at all. He is taking medicine to lower his cholesterol and several years before he had open heart surgery to clear some blockage. He is feeling so good he has completely remodeled his house and has more energy then he did before. He is so happy with the results he is also telling all his friends and family members about it.

Thank you so very much for making this product available to the people as an alternative to going to the doctor and getting more pills that only treat the symptoms and not the problem.


Jeff Gibbon.


I have notice improvement all over my body and it is not my imagination. I can bring you up to speed on what has happened since my first dose of SHACRO on August 15th 2005.

First, my skin, all over my body has begun to heal but especially on my feet and to a diabetic, that in it's self is miraculous. The facial cancers around my eyes and on my forehead that worried me so have begun to close. Those little white plugs that look like white erasers all over my forehead have dried up and I scrub them off with a wash cloth, so my complexion has taken a dramatic turn for the better and improves daily. I have things going on in my crotch and have had for some time. The Dr. called it a super case of "Jock Itch" but a dozen pills at $25.00 each, didn't even slow the itch down. I noticed improvement the first week and today, the itch is gone. My arthritis is drastically improved, in fingers, back and knees, just gets better every day. I'm breathing better, which leads me to believe my asthma has taken a turn for the better. I wake up with a positive attitude and it would only be a guess but I'd give all the credit to SHACRO ! God has certainly blessed me and you with this product. I think it has saved me much misery.

Gratefully yours,

John Evans
California, USA


Thank you!!! Thank you!!! God bless you all for all your good work!! Here is my progress report.

Liquid Nirvana is what they have renamed it in the U.S.

I want to preface my following testimonial by stating that for 20 years I chose natural healing processes and tried everything you can imagine. I found that pain killers altered my mind and that I would lose myself mentally when I did try. I felt that to sustain my life and make it bearable I had to take medications. I have been taking daily 6mg. Lorazepam during the day and 30mg. Temazepam at night, Biaxin 2000mg, and heparin by injection 3 times, along with a slew of natural products to build the immune system and fight off the damage of taking prescription drugs. I was told by my doctor to try anything as I could die anytime. A cold or flu could easily take me.

I do not remember feeling well as a child. I had headaches and insomnia. I had severe allergies and asthma with recurring strep throat. I had difficulty concentrating. I have a history of seizures, starting at age 15. I am now 42 years old. My right side was frequently paralyzed: my face, arm and leg. My head was constantly being pulled down by the esophagus, where a scab or growth connecting into my inner ear had formed. My throat had collapsed on the right side. I had a severe sinus infection and lung infection. I also had a history of miscarriages and ovarian cysts. I ran a constant fever, was lightheaded and unstable. My skin had hardened and was covered by infection. Last year, I bled rectally innumerable times. I had constant diarrhea. I also suffered from distal open esophageal valve and hiatal hernia. I had ulcers in the esophagus and both internal and external hemorrhoids that bled regularly. On top of all that I had sleep disorder (sleeping only about 4 hours per day for some 5 years) and both long term and short term memory loss. Additionally, I had frequent mood swings and panic attacks. I have been housebound for 4 years. My pain was 10+.

Today, I have no paralysis anywhere. The disease that connected my internal tissue has broken away. I can move my head freely and have no pain in my right ear. My throat is no longer collapsed. I have slept the days away. I have no panic attacks. My mood swings and my memory have improved. My fever has improved. I feel happiness again and my sense of humor has returned. I have 90% less pain. I have no sinus infection left and my lungs seem to be continuing to heal. Allergies have disappeared. I have had quite a lot of drainage vaginally - consistent with previous bursting of ovarian cyst fluid. External hemorrhoids have cleared.

It has been a few days since I stopped taking your product. It is still working in my system. I feel tired and I believe my body is still in recovery mode, but I do feel the improvement day by day.

I am going to LIVE!!! Thanks to this Liquid Gold!!! There is no way to thank you enough!!!

Shelly B.
California, USA


Just wanted to say thank you for getting my order here in only 6 days. I take SHACRO for a recurring sinus infection, that surgery and the best doctors in town can't seem to fix. SHACRO works twice as good as any antibiotic I have taken and there are no side effects to make me feel worse than I already do!

So, thank you again!

Virginia, USA

Dear Sirs,

Attached are the results from the Protocol(Clinical Trials) that we performed with SHACROover the last month donated by SHACRO to the Institution. Carlos E. Dominguez Miranda, MD presented SHACRO to the consideration of the Ryan White Board of Directors. I have been invited by the Ryan White Planning Council to present in detail this product (SHACRO). Depending on the outcome, they are considering including it in the therapies covered by the Institution. This way it will become available to low income patients. I have also been approached by members of the San Juan Chapter to present the product.

We need to know details for distributorship of SHACRO to include in yearly budget. Health professionals were also included in the Protocol(Clinical Trials), which adds credibility to the results as they are very skeptical and could not dispute the results SHACRO had on them.

Expecting to hear from you soon, I remain

Respectfully yours,

Elliot (Puerto Rico)

Protocol(Clinical Trials) Results for SHACRO

Gender /
Current Health Problems
Date /
Results after taking the SHACRO
Apr 1, 2004
(Male) - Chronic sinusitis, rheumatic fever, swollen lymph nodes, diabetes, tenia versicolor on forearms. Apr 5, 2004
Curative crisis cleared sinuses, lymph nodes normal, tenia versicolor cleared.
Apr 5, 2004
(Female) - Anemia, frequent colds.

Apr 9, 2004
Alleges no changes.

Apr 19, 2004
Patient reports no more colds or allergies.
Apr 5, 2004
(Male) - Chronic sinusitis, rheumatic fever, shoulder pain, tenia versicolor on back. Apr 9, 2004
Shoulder pain gone, curative crisis but sinuses continue congested, tenia versicolor almost gone.
Apr 19, 2004
Tenia versicolor gone, MRI scheduled for his shoulder pain has been cancelled.
Apr 5, 2004
(Male) - Hepatitis C nephritis, diabetes, difficulty walking, congested lungs. Apr 9, 2004
Energized, able to lift legs without pain, lungs clear, no more allergies.
Apr 5, 2004
(Male) - HIV+, diabetes May 4, 2004
Patient reports overall sense of well being, diabetes under control, enhanced immune system, no aches and pains, patient has returned to work.
Apr 6, 2004
(Female) - Stomach cancer, lupus, osteoporosis, gastritis, acute colitis, multiple implants. Apr 11, 2004
Energized, breathing easily, no upset stomach, normal bowel movements.
May 4, 2004
Old suppurating injuries have healed.
Apr 6, 2004
(Male) - Sarcoma cancer type III-left thigh, high cholesterol and triglycerides frequent allergies. Apr 30, 2004
Returned from evaluation in Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL. Patient reports clean bill of health, energized and enhanced immune system proven by no more allergies.
Apr 8, 2004
(Male) - Osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, diabetes, vitiligo. May 4, 2004
Normal blood pressure, less joint pain, diabetes under control, has suffered no colds since taking product.
Apr 12, 2004
(Female) - HIV+, recent splenectomy. Apr 19, 2004
Energized, better digestion, no aches and pains, no allergies.
Apr 14, 2004
(Female) - HIV+, chronic sinusitis, osteoarthritis, psoriasis, tenia versicolor on upper arms. May 4, 2004
No improvement on sinus condition, patient no longer complains of aches and pains, skin condition greatly improved although no improvement on psoriasis.
Apr 15, 2004
(Female) - HIV+, asthma , allergies, tenia versicolor on left knee, joint pain. May 4, 2004
Curative crisis consisting of 3 day foul smelling urine, asthma, allergies and tenia versicolor cleared, patient reports 3 day pain free menstrual cycle, no aches and pains.
Apr 20, 2004
(Male) - Recent surgery, groin hernia. Previous surgery wouldn’t heal, chemical burns on forearms. Apr 23, 2004
Surgery, chemical burns on forearms healed, old suppurating wound healed, enhanced energy levels.

Dear Sirs,

As promised in letter dated 20th Feb 2004, I am attaching Viral Load results for January 14, 2004 and March 5, 2004 for your research. If you compare the results between both tests, you'll notice that my Viral Load decreased an amazing 4.340 copies/ml. I took a single dose of SHACRO on January 31, 2004. My personal physician recommended that I take another dose in order to further monitor my response to the product. We are all very impressed with the physical and lab results I am experiencing. All my skin lesions have completely healed, my hemoglobin has increased and I have gained 2.5 lbs. in body weight. All in all, I feel great and I haven't even suffered a common cold!

This raises a question from my physician (HIV Specialist) and my Infectologist. They would like to know if you offer a quantity discount since they want to perform a protocol study on at least 10 to 12 patients to monitor each individual response to the treatment.

Respectfully yours,

Elliot (Puerto Rico)

(Below are the Labs results for Elliot showing Viral Load Count.
Full name has been blanked out for confidentiality)

Click photos to enlarge

Dear Sirs,

After seeing an advertisement that described the crocodile enzyme, and knowing how advanced the European countries are, I decided to try SHACRO. After all what did I have to loose. So in March of 2003 I made my first purchase. After taking one bottle I set the remainder aside and totally forgot about everything.

In July I had a very mild stroke and eventually the doctors decided that I had to have open Heart Surgery to replace my main Aortic Valve, as it was not closing properly. However during the pre surgery testing, it was discovered that my arteries were not clogged but were less than 49%, and was not the reason for my minor stroke. Also the surgeon requested that an analysis be made to determine what the condition of nodules that were known to exist in my right lung were and what impact they would have on my impending surgery. A hospital in Philadelphia examined me and X-Rayed my lung compared previous X-Rays, and determined that the nodules had calcified, and were no threat to the impending heart surgery.

So the surgeon cut my chest bones and proceeded to operate and replace my main Aortic valve and also did one small bypass. They got the artery for the bypass from my left breast. After the Surgery Blood tests showed that there was no trace of infection anywhere in my body. One week later I went home without any dressing on the scar, and about three days later I resumed my almost normal duties at our company.

Two weeks after being released from the hospital I had a cardiac Surgeon's follow up appointment. He was astounded at the incision and the recovery that I had made, the incision was almost totally healed and there was no scab. After reviewing my surgery procedure and the operative report, he called all of the surgeons from the hospital to see this remarkable happening. After seeing the scar they all, without exception thought that the surgery was done approximately 6 months prior. None could understand how this recovery could have happened so quickly, and without any sign of infection. None of the surgeons had any explanation.

I include 2 photos that were taken 6 weeks after the surgery was done(see below). The only explanation that I can have after reviewing everything is that SHACRO is responsible for a infection free operation, and my entire accelerated recovery. Some say SHACRO did it some say that it couldn't have, but none can give a credible alternate explanation of how I recovered without any sign of infection so quickly.

Even though I am a Forensic Investigator, I know without any exceptions that SHACRO is protecting me. No one can convince me otherwise.

Thank you very much SHACRO,

L.B.Warychowski, Ph.D. P.E.

Click photos to enlarge

Your product has cleared up my Psoriasis. Well let me tell you I took your product SHACRO, and I have cleared up a lot I cannot believe it my self after 19 years and it was getting worse each year. I did a lot of research and found that Psoriasis is a slow growing fungus that's very resistant to normal medication but your product works. I would like to say thank you for helping me find the cure for Psoriasis.


Jon Caravella


I got sick in India in 1989 and it never really could be diagnosed although experts thought it was either a retro-virus, parasite or weird bacteria. Still not well but making good progress now.

Is it possible for you to rush ship me two more bottles of SHACRO just as you did with the first bottle two weeks ago as the first bottle has begun to turn around a 14 year long illness that nothing else has helped. I am back on my feet and my doctor wants me to take two more asap. If you can, I am deeply grateful.

Best Wishes,

Jed Scott Swift
Ohio, USA

Dear Sir,

Hi, I just wanted to drop you a line about my status, since taking SHACRO something has definitely changed. The overwhelming pain in my liver that has been a plague since February, has all but gone, reduced about 90%. In fact it's such a change that I feel odd not having it, and it's a bit of a readjustment getting used to the idea that it actually hasn't been back for several weeks now. Also, since taking SHACRO I'm going through a spell of feeling substantial general bodily discomfort. According to other sources on clearing HCV from the system this is a common reaction as the immune system cleans up the debris of defunct virus particles. I hope this is what's happening to me.

Thanks again,

Roger Wadham
California, USA

Dear Sirs,

I have had a lung infection for a time, and after about 80 hours, my lungs seem to have cleared out and working freely, as opposed to the way they have been.

Also, this product (at least in my case) is working as an excellent anti-smoking agent, i.e.: smoking a cigarette tastes very bad, starts a cough immediately and kills all desire for smoke. I am now in the process of getting my 2 sons and their families and my daughter and her family to order also.

Thank you very much,

Jim A. Ross
Nevada, USA

Email 1:

Thank you for SHACRO. It truly does work miracles. When I received my one vial, I not only checked myself but others. All balanced, including my Parkinson's disease. I give thanks for your work.

Best regards,

Ruth F. Clark
Texas, USA

Email 2:

In 1990 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease. Mainly I have been able to control these illnesses with Computerized Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS), vitamins and a variety of treatments from Dr. Linda Martin, DO (alternative medicine). Neuro Cranial Restructuring has been very helpful (check the internet under Dr. Dean Howell

Yesterday after Dr. Martin checked me and herself on CEDS I took the SHACRO. I also I tested 4 other reliable persons and they balanced. Today I have taken no remedies for allergies, biological's, pathogens, Parkinson's or thyroid. And my tests are normal. I will continue to monitor my system, but I am very optimistic. In fact after my long struggle to live, I feel now that after discovering SHACRO all of us are capable of being healthy and not with pharmaceutical drugs.

Best regards,

Ruth F. Clark
Texas, USA

Email 3:

SHACRO has done its work with parasites, polarity, biological warfare, viruses, bacteria, candida and even Parkinson's disease. My guess is that these organs are still being bombarded with Geopathic Stress, Inversion Air and Atmospheric conditions, so they need a boost with alternative medicine to achieve a more normal function. Hopefully my immune system will improve. But I am not complaining. Having all the free radicals under control is amazing to me.

Tomorrow I plan to order three more of SHACRO, one for a friend and the other two for me to keep in my refrigerator to test others as the word spreads about the help the Crocodile is giving to humanity. Again I must comment that testing with CEDS (Computerized Electro Dermal Screening) is proof that SHACRO works. Otherwise I would not be able to furnish on site proof of success.

Best regards,

Ruth F. Clark
Texas, USA

Since I ordered SHACRO my life has changed for the better. I don't feel lethargic anymore and any bugs I seemed to always suffer from have gone on holiday. Many thanks for putting my health back on track again.

George Kirbey
Toronto, CANADA

I would like to thank you and all that are working with you to bring health to the open minded people of the world. I heard of the SHACRO from Ruth Clark the one who's sons are helping people to get well with Computerized Electro Dermal Screening (CEDS).

I took my SHACRO and have rid my self of the things listed below:

  • candida
  • fever blisters
  • constant sore throat
  • nasal drainage on the back of the throat

I have noticed that pimples and infected ingrown hairs have been less and less. I can breathe through my nose better it seems that infected and swollen nasal passages were a big problem that I had. While working 5 days ago I raked a piece of hide off of my thumb, I did not clean or doctor it up at all I just watched it, heal over the last few days. It did not get red around the sore which would indicate infection it just got well.

I am sure that there are other benefits I haven't mentioned, you don't always miss being sick when it goes away, but you sure notice it when they return. Thanks once again.

I send you the best of wishes,

David Bass
Texas, USA

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